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Gasthaus Sonne
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Heizler family


With the support of his three ladies, Klaus has been running the family business for 30 years, now in the fourth generation. As the head chef Klaus is passionate about his career and has a love for details.

Klaus is open-minded and always searching for new ideas, making it especially important to him to create culinary delights for our guests. With his imaginative, seasonal and good home cooking, he makes the extra effort to surprise our guests with a special treat.

What he enjoys most is when children come to visit him in the kitchen to say “hello”. Usually they’ll be rewarded with some ice cream.


Regina has run the “Sonne” together with her husband, Klaus, for the past 30 years. She has the “Sonne” (sun) in her heart and with her friendly and attentive character looks after the guests in our house. Hospitality is her passion and extremely important to her. That’s why she has created such a cosy atmosphere, highlighted with colourful flowers and seasonal decorations in and around our house.

Regina cares for the guests, handles enquiries and bookings, plans, organises and discusses special occasions and parties with the guests, as well as running the restaurant service.

As a mother of two daughters she is always delighted to hear children’s jovial laughter and their tales of holiday experiences.


Claudia is the youngest daughter in the Heizler family. After her hotel manageress training Claudia was able to gain valuable experience in the gastronomy industry, which motivated her to attend the management school in Heidelberg. After successfully passing the exams at the Heidelberg Hotel Management School Claudia is now responsible for the reception management in a Black Forest spa hotel.
Claudia has a true love for gastronomy and can be often found in her parents’ restaurant.


Natalie Wiestler born Heizler

Natalie, the elder sister, supports her parents in the family business. After completing training to be a estaurant specialist and another training to be an industrial clerk Natalie has gained extensive knowledge in both gastronomy and administration, and applies this in her parents’ business.

Markus Wiestler

Markus is Natalie’s husband and in his free time ensures all odd jobs get done, such as mowing the lawn, gardening, small indoor repairs and maintaining the building. Markus is our man for everything!

Linus Wiestler

In 2011 Linus, our sunshine, was born and since then demands the full attention of his parents, Natalie and Markus. Our guests will also be be fascinated by his jovial character and loving manner.

Linus is our first grandchild and our pride and joy. He keeps the whole family on their toes, ensuring it’s never boring here! He particularly loves it when children are guests in our hotel. No game is out of bounds and the colouring pencils are always sharpened and ready to use. Linus is a great support in looking after our younger guests.

Frida and Adolf Heizler

In 1987 they passed over the running of the guesthouse to their oldest son, Klaus, and his wife, Regina. Frida and Adolf ran the Gasthaus Sonne for over 30 years.

As senior partners the couple are still greatly in demand in our “Sonne”. Adolf cares for the regular guests at the large wooden table and warm fire on a daily basis. No glass remains empty and no plate full. Frida prefers to stay in the background and busies herself with the washing for the business. In several cases she has been the emergency saviour and brought smiles to our guests’ faces when dirty clothing or creased shirts have threatened the perfect celebration.